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After your cartridges from TINTEN DEPOT have been refilled, follow these tips to maintain your printer including cartridges or toner in an ideal condition.

This will help you save money on a long term:

Never let a cartridge run completely empty - the ink will blow if it is still trying to give ink, although there is no more.

Always have a replacement cartridge at hand - when the cartridge is shown as "empty", the cartridge should be renewed or refilled immediately.

Allow the cartridge to be refilled quickly - because cartridges that lying too long unused can not be filled.

If unwanted lines and/or missing points occur on your printout, the print head should be cleaned.

Do not touch the copper plate on the printhead with your fingers.

Use the self-cleaning function of your printer.

Cartridges and toner and should be kept protected from heat and sunlight, or it may occur that the ink expands and the cartridge leaks. Also low temperatures damage cartridges and toner, because the plastic housing may get deformed. Therefore store the products at room temperature.

Store cartridges always upright, as the colors mix when they it lies on the side.

After a filled or new cartridge has been inserted, first you should print out at least two pages so that it can be optimally adjusted.
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